Plan for Homeschool Success: The Lovely Homeschool Course

The following is a guest review by homeschooling mom Melanie Kappers. 


Homeschooling can be overwhelming and hard. I was struggling to have purpose, organization, and good follow-through during my first year as a homeschooling mom.

I purchased this course last year as an attempt to get a better handle on the following year. I had no idea how much it would help me.

There are twelve lessons offered. The lessons begin with figuring out what kind of homeschooler you are, and then they transition to coming up with a detailed plan of how you are going to implement it.

The teacher, Mackenzie Monroe, encourages you to plan a lot on the front end, which certainly pays off. We have had so much more success this year in our homeschooling thanks to this course.

I have much more confidence and purpose as I look ahead to more years of homeschooling! Mackenzie Monroe is engaging, fun to watch, and I intend to refer to these lessons each year to keep me focused!

The course is only $19.99. However, it goes up to $24.99 on May 2, so make sure to get it soon!

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