Progressivism is Destroying America—and It Starts in Our Schools

The political left today identifies as “progressive.” Whether it is the redefinition of marriage or the push for more government programs, the left considers their policies to bring “progress.” But is this really progress?

Considering that most of the left’s policies are destroying civilization, a better adjective would be "regressive." Family is the cornerstone of civilization, yet the left attacks the family from every angle. This includes the redefinition of marriage to comprise of two people who cannot biologically reproduce, as well as the legal protection of baby-murder factories and their identification as women's "health" clinics. And of course, the high taxes of the left's welfare state also make it difficult for people to live, let alone afford children.

The term "regressive" is also fitting because of our culture's regress towards ancient paganism, particularly in the realm of sexual ethics. (Think ancient fertility cults.) The left has priestesses ready to defend their sacrament of child sacrifice, which they offer to the gods of personal autonomy. 

Progressivism in the Schools

It is concerning that people today defend such practices. But what is more concerning is that these "progressives" control America’s education system at every level. It is particularly well known that leftists control the universities. Sadly, some professors go so far as to identify as Marxists. Some fields within the university are more liberal than others, but one of the most liberal fields within university studies is education. And if progressives control the colleges of education, it should not surprise us that they also control the K–12 public schools.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans send their children to public elementary schools and high schools, and these are filled with progressive teachers. Even if some teachers are conservative, they are surrounded by progressives and are working with textbooks teaching progressive ideology.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the “progressive” left is actually evil. They have hijacked schools and universities in order influence young people, teaching them to reject Christian ethics in favor of godless relativism. Just look at the younger generations and the effects of leftist education. The younger generations are far more liberal than their parents and grandparents. Modern schools are churning out “social justice warriors” who are zealous for the cause—which usually means they want to shut down anyone who disagrees with them.

Further, progressives control the mainstream media. These media outlets in turn defend progressive universities and public schools. They are all in bed together. That's why journalists are always crying about public schools needing more money. There are no statistics suggesting this is a problem (in fact it's the opposite), yet it is what the teachers unions what them to say.

Abandoning Progressivism

The good news is that there is a significant dissent against progressivism. The average American is tired of progressive ideology. It is irrational and impractical. A good example of this is the current gender confusion, where we now have boys competing in girls' leagues because a boy identifies as a "girl."

But more than this, progressivism is cruel. Progressives don’t play nice. They force their new views on others, even when their view is a minority view. And then they call you a bigot for holding the views that humans have held for all of history (and progressives have only held for a few years!).

The progressives appear to be the majority because they are the loudest. Traditionalists are quieter and mind their own business. They go to work, marry, and raise children. Traditionalists don’t have time for nonsense. But progressives are not the majority. They only have a majority in the media and in certain fields like academia. Hence the current polarization in America. 

Thankfully, there is a strong pushback against progressivism, and it is growing through non-mainstream Internet outlets. We can only hope such resistance doesn’t back down. But just as the majority of Americans have lost trust in the mainstream media, we must hope that they lose trust in the modern education system. As long as we continue to send our children to progressive government schools and universities, we will continue to lose the battle. We must abandon the system and take back our children. We must opt for homeschooling and private schools, and we must support faithful institutions along with starting new ones.

The time has come. We must choose a better way.