R.C. Sproul on Christian Education

Dr. R.C. Sproul, the popular Presbyterian pastor and author, has all sorts of great resources through his website Ligonier.org. I encourage you to listen to and read everything you can by Dr. Sproul. He has a gift for taking difficult concepts and explaining them in a simple way. In other words, he is a great teacher!

Dr. Sproul's ministry in a sense is all about Christian education, as he teaches the Christian worldview through his books and lessons. But here he provides a six-part audio series where he specifically teaches on the subject of education. Dr. Sproul shows that no education is "neutral" and we therefore ought to provide students with a Christian education. 

  1. The Myth of Neutral Education
  2. The Goal of Education
  3. The Problem of State Education
  4. Socrates or Sophism?
  5. Language, Logic, and God
  6. Questions and Answers

The first two audio lessons are free! Just click the links to listen to them on Ligonier.org.