The following are some of the best resources for homeschooling. Videos and lectures work well for primary instruction in homeschool courses, while books and articles are good for supplementary materials. There are some advanced resources listed, which can be used by advanced high school students or parents wanting to study a subject. If you are new to homeschooling, check out the article, I Want to Homeschool—But Where Do I Start?

complete curriculum

Ron Paul Homeschool

Offers video courses (K–12) for $250 per year + $50 per course
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Logos Press

Sells children's homeschool resources and offers online courses for grades 7–12
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Homeschool Groups

Classical Conversations

Locate a classical Christian homeschool group near you


books and videos

Veritas Press

Sells classical Christian homeschool resources

Memoria Press

Sells classical Christian homeschool resources

Sells a variety of Christian homeschool resources

My Father's World

Sells a variety of Christian homeschool resources

Simply Charlotte Mason

Sells classical Christian homeschool resources






Khan Academy

FREE math and science video lessons
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Math Bot

FREE way to learn math by programming a robot. 



Liberty Classroom

$89 yearly subscription for college-level courses on history & economics—an amazing resource
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Tom Woods Homeschool

Sells Western civilization and government courses
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Roman Roads Media

Sells educational DVDs, including Old Western Culture series
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Mises Institute

FREE videos and articles on economics

Foundation for Economic Education

FREE articles on economics 



FREE articles on the Bible & theology

The Bible Project

FREE short videos on books of the Bible & theology

RTS iTunes

FREE theological lectures from Reformed Theological Seminary

Ligonier Ministries 

Theological videos & articles from R.C. Sproul (some cost a small fee)




FREE interactive lessons on foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more