Curriculum Review: Liberty Classroom

Liberty Classroom is one of the gems of online education. The site offers video courses on history and economics from a libertarian/conservative perspective. This means Liberty Classroom is the exact opposite of political correctness. The professors regularly criticize icons that we have been taught to revere as Americans, such as Lincoln and FDR. 

These courses are designed for adults, so there are no homework assignments. But there are links to readings if you want to study a subject further, and there are optional discussion forums.

You can watch the videos or download the audiobooks to listen to in the car. This is an easy way to learn the history and economics they didn’t teach you in school.

This is how I learn history and economics. If you are like me, your high school education was lousy (especially history), and your college didn’t require much history (and much of it was leftist propaganda anyway). You may want to study history and economics, but you also know that books on these subjects can take a lot of time and work. That’s what makes the audio lectures from Liberty Classroom so great.

Here are some of the great courses they offer:

  • The 10 Worst and 10 Best Presidents (McClanahan)

  • U.S. History to 1877 (Gutzman, Woods, and McClanahan)

  • U.S. History Since 1877 (Woods)

  • U.S. Constitutional History (Gutzman and McClanahan)

  • The American Revolution: A Constitutional Conflict (Gutzman)

  • Western Civilization to 1500 (Jewell)

  • Western Civilization Since 1500 (Jewell)

  • This History of Conservatism and Libertarianism (Jewell)

  • History of Economic Thought, Part I (Murphy)

The quality of these lectures is just astounding. Somehow Tom Woods has managed to gather some of the best libertarian and conservative professors in their fields, most of whom are PhD level historians and economists. Dr. Woods himself has a PhD from Columbia in American history and is an excellent teacher. Dr. Kevin Gutzman has a PhD in American history along with a law degree, and he is an expert on the U.S. Constitution. Dr. Brion McClanahan specializes in Southern history and has a great course on the U.S. presidents. Dr. Jason Jewell teaches the Western civilization courses. And Dr. Robert Murphy is a brilliant economist, following the Austrian school.

While the courses are designed for adults, they can still be used by high schoolers. They are also great for parents who are looking to improve their knowledge of history and economics. I really believe the subscription is well worth the price. You will learn a ton, and you will come to love history and the freedom America and the West were built on. 

A Basic membership to Liberty Classroom is only $89 per year. The Basic Plus membership is $119 per year, which includes Q&A forums with the faculty and monthly live sessions with the faculty. The Master membership provides lifetime access for $597. 

And here's a BONUS—if you purchase a Basic Plus membership for $119 using this link, I will send you a free copy of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods. Not a bad deal. (Just use the contact page to let me know I should send you the book.)