Curriculum Review: Roman Roads Media

Roman Roads Media publishes and sells homeschool curriculum from a classical and Christian perspective. Their signature product is Old Western Culture, a humanities curriculum taught by Wes Callihan that integrates literature, history, geography, philosophy, theology, and art. This curriculum is designed for 8th through 12th graders, and it is meant to be spread over four years—The Greeks (year one), The Romans (year two), Christendom (year three), and Early Moderns (year four).

Each year has four units of 12 lectures, providing 48 lectures each year. The DVDs and workbook cost around $230 for each year, though you may need to also purchase the primary sources to read along with the lectures. This looks to be an excellent resource that provides students with a good background in Western Civilization. The first two courses, along with logic, are now being offered as online classes

Other Courses

Roman Roads Media sells two other courses specific to classical education—logic and Latin. For logic, they use James Nance’s Introductory Logic course (book and DVDs), which I highly recommend (for 8th or 9th grade). For Latin, they use a course of DVDs called Visual Latin (for 5th grade and up).

They also offer an American history course (for 8th or 9th grade). And they sell R.C. Sproul Jr.’s Economics for Everybody series (for high school). This is great guide to economics that is helpful for everyone, including adults. Romans Road also offers a $100 course on poetry (for 6th through 9th grade).