Curriculum Review: Logos Press

Logos Press is impressive. They publish homeschool material for 1st–6th grade, and they have an online school for 7th–12th grade. This is a classical Christian curriculum, meaning they follow the trivium and focus on classical subjects (logic, Latin, ancient literature & history). Logos Press is a division of Canon Press and is associated with Douglas Wilson and Logos School in Moscow, Idaho.

Homeschool Curriculum (1st–6th Grade)

The great thing about Logos Press is that they offer complete homeschool curriculum for 1st–6th grade. Rather than having to sort through different materials for each subject (which you can still do), they provide a bundle for each grade. These bundles run $600 to $800 each, but remember that this covers an entire year’s worth of material. They also include daily lesson plans to guide parents. Every grade covers math, science, English, literature, history, and Bible, with Latin beginning in the 3rd grade. 

Logos Online School (7th–12th Grade)

Logos also offers classes for 7th–12th grade through Logos Online School. These classes meet live over the Internet Monday through Friday for 50 minutes per day, with students turning in assignments just like any other school (they max at 24 students per class). Full-time tuition (four courses) is about $2,200, and part-time tuition is $600 per course (not including books). Enrollment fees are due on August 15, and classes begin September 8.

You can choose your own courses to take, or you can follow the suggested diploma track. Here is a sample curriculum for the diploma program. Math and science can each be pushed back one level. And the schedule is flexible for students who begin at a later grade (such as 8th, 9th, or 10th grade). The typical year has some form of math, science, humanities, and language.

7th Grade
Humanities A                       
Latin I

8th Grade
Algebra I            
Physical Science                       
Humanities B        
Latin II

9th Grade
Humanities I
Latin III (or Spanish I)    

10th Grade
Algebra II
Humanities II
Latin III (or Spanish II)

11th Grade
Humanities III

12th Grade
Advanced Biology
Humanities IV

One of the complaints about Christian schools is that they can be weak in math and science. That is certainly not the case for this program. Logos Online can take students all the way through Calculus and Advanced Biology. They also have a strong humanities curriculum that integrates literature, history, and theology. And students can take up to Latin III or they can take Spanish if they prefer. Logos also offers Apologetics and Rhetoric for 11th and 12th graders. Overall, this is a great curriculum with what seems to be a strong faculty.


This is an excellent option for those who do not have a good Christian school near them or who desire a cheaper option. Homeschool families should seriously consider the Logos curriculum for 1st–6th grade, which costs less than $800 per year. They should also consider Logos Online School for middle school and high school, which provides a high-level classical Christian education for less than $2,500 per year. That’s hard to beat.