Great Quotes: Louis Berkhof

Louis Berkhof (1873–1957) was a professor and president of Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Berkhof is known mostly for his Systematic Theology, which though dated is still a great resource on theology. 

But Berkhof was also a firm believer in Christian education, as were many in the Dutch Reformed tradition. His speeches on Christian education, along with those of Cornelius Van Til, were put into a book called Foundations of Christian Education. Berkhof believed that the children of Christian parents were part of God's covenant, and as covenant children they should be given a Christian education. Berkhof lamented the inconsistent practice of many Christians in this regard:

It is quite evident that in most of the churches of our land, even in those who theoretically subscribe to the doctrine of the covenant, this doctrine has no grasp on the life and the conscience of the people in general, and fails utterly to have a determining influence on the education of their children.

Christian children need a Christian education, and it is the obligation of Christian parents to provide such to their covenant children. Oh that we would heed Berkhof's words and give our children a covenant education!

Louis Berkhof and Cornelius Van Til, Foundations of Christian Education, p. 65