A Book for Teens: Trunk of Scrolls by Darlene Böcek

History is fascinating and of great importance, but reading history books can take some work. That’s what makes historical fiction a useful genre of literature.

Historical fiction books are useful for introducing children—and adults—to history. However, these works can also be interesting in their own right.

I would therefore like to recommend to you Trunk of Scrolls by Darlene Böcek. The book's story is based in the 6th century A.D. in the ancient Byzantine empire (what is modern-day Turkey).

The setting involves a massive earthquake in Antioch, where 16-year-old Marcellus is seeking survival—and answers to important questions. He takes up his sword, along with a trunk of Scripture scrolls, as he journeys to Constantinople in search of his father.

The story is well-written, and it points to God and His Word throughout. It can be hard to find good books for teenagers, especially from a Christian perspective. So Trunk of Scrolls is a unique work. 

The book will also have the effect of peaking one’s interest in the history of ancient Byzantium and the history of the church. The book is intended for ages 12 and up. Teenagers can read it on their own, or families can read it together.

Trunk of Scrolls is available in book format and for the Kindle

You can find out more about Darlene and her work at darlenenbocek.com.