Homeschooling Makes Learning Interesting

Homeschooling interesting.jpg

The state seeks conformity among students. This is one reason why public schools make students sit in large classes sorted by their grade and study the same subjects at the same pace as everyone elsefor seven hours per day.

Is it any wonder most kids hate school?

Learning should be interesting. It is not always going to be “fun,” as it takes work. But that doesn’t mean learning can’t be enjoyable.

We live in a fascinating world, and it should be exciting to explore its different facets. Yet somehow modern educators have found a way to make learning boring. They have designed schools to be like prison cells.

Their Own Pace

This is where homeschooling comes in. Homeschooling restores education to its proper sphere—that of the family. Homeschooling frees children to be with their parents and learn under their guidance. As former public school teacher John Taylor Gatto says,

No large-scale reform is ever going to work to repair our damaged children and our damaged society until we force open the idea of ‘school’ to include family as the main engine of education.[1]

Children don’t need to be sent away and locked up for half their waking hours. Homeschooling gives them a more flexible schedule, away from the rigidness of modern schooling. Homeschooling also provides more time and a quieter environment to focus on the tasks at hand. Real learning requires solitude and reflection, not the constant distractions of modern schools (including private schools).

And of course, homeschooling allows students to go at their own pace. It’s okay if Johnny is having trouble with division. There’s no rush. He can watch the video lesson 20 times if he needs to. But there is no skipping that lesson. Johnny is going to learn. And the struggle will build grit and perseverance—character aspects that will be crucial throughout life.

An individualized education also allows students to go quickly in subjects they excel in. They will not be held back and bored because of others.  

Their Own Interests

Homeschooling restores interest in education. People do their best work when they are self-driven. And people are most driven when they are doing things they enjoy. I know this is true of myself. My best work is on subjects I have been driven to study out of interest. Likewise, students learn best when they have the freedom to explore areas of interest. Homeschooling allows this, and parents can tailor the curriculum to the particular child.

Of course, there are subjects that students still have to study regardless of interest. I’m not advocating non-schooling. Kids need to learn math and reading whether they like it or not! But as they get older, education should be more self-directed. Let your son pick a history book that interests him. Let your daughter choose the instrument she will learn or the language she will study. Exploration makes learning interesting.   

Their Own Education

It all comes back to individualized education vs. conformity. Modern schooling just has it all wrong here. Not everyone has to learn the same things or read the same books. Sure, there is standard knowledge that everyone should possess (e.g. important historical dates & persons). But there is just too much information out there for everyone to study. We should learn different things and come together and share them with one another. 

Their own pace. Their own interests. Their own education. That is what homeschooling is about.  And it makes learning interesting.