Public Bathrooms, Sexual Confusion, and Why You Should Leave the Public Schools

If you follow the news at all, you have certainly heard about the controversy over transgender people and public bathrooms. The State of North Carolina recently passed a law requiring people to use the public bathroom that matches the sex listed on their birth certificate.

The Public Bathroom Controversy

North Carolina’s law is in line with the historical practice of requiring biological men to use the men’s bathroom and biological women to use the women’s bathroom. This makes sense. But leftists do not want to make sense. They want chaos.

Thus the outrage. Leftists have decried the North Carolina law as “discriminatory” towards transgender people. Several businesses have refused to do business in North Carolina, and others are considering moving events, including the NCAA.

And of course, the Obama administration had to get in on it as well. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina for supposedly violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Never mind the fact that North Carolina is not the one trying to change the rules. And never mind the fact that multi-person bathrooms “discriminate” by necessity. Men’s bathrooms are for men, and women’s for women—for the safety and decency of both. The only way to not “discriminate” would be to open up multi-person bathrooms to all people or only allow single-person bathrooms (both options would be disastrous). This issue should really just be left to private businesses, but then there is still the problem of government buildings. 

Sexual Confusion

However, the problem in all this is not bathrooms. The problem is that leftists have become so bent on opposing discrimination that they no longer understand the difference between a man and a woman.

The unbelieving culture has become sexually confused. They have steered the car straight into the ditch of irrationality. Thus they assert—and not debate—that marriage can consist of two people of the same sex, regardless of the fact that they cannot procreate together. And now they have gone a step further by asserting that you can be whatever “gender” you want to be. You may be a biological man, but if you feel like a woman, everyone else should be forced to identify you as a woman.

This of course flies in the face of reality. The distinction between sex (biology) and gender (a social construct) is complete nonsense, and the idea that a person can change either is ridiculous. It does not matter how you feel. You are either a man or a woman. Does it matter if I “feel” like a 6’8” NBA superstar? I am not. And I would be crazy to identify as such. 

Get Out of the Public Schools

This brings me to my main point—get your kids out of the public schools. I can make a whole host of arguments against sending children to public schools (they are atheistic, they steal your money, etc.). But I will only give one reason here—the public schools are embracing the sexual madness of the left.

It is happening. Just look at Fort Worth. Yes, Forth Worth, Texas, one of the most conservative states in America. It is happening out east, and it is also happening in my home state of Michigan. The U.S. Department of Education, the teachers unions, and the state boards of education are all in on this. They want to "protect" transgender students from discrimination. In other words, they want to teach your kids that it is perfectly normal to identify as the opposite sex. And they want to allow students to use the bathroom/locker room associated with their “gender identity” and not biological sex. 

This means your daughter will be forced to use bathrooms/locker rooms with boys because not allowing in the boy who feels like a girl would be “discrimination” (and vice-versa). It also means your child will be forced to refer to other students according to their “gender identity.” There will be penalties for not doing so, as it will be considered “discrimination.” And students will not even need parental permission to identify as transgender. 

Resistance is Futile

Many parents oppose this legislation, but it does not matter. This is how the public schools have always worked. Remember, they are government schools. The government uses coercion to accomplish whatever it sees fit. And in this case, government wants to force you to accept its sexual madness.

Now some public school districts will seek to resist such legislation. States like Michigan are setting things up so that the LGBTQ rules are optional for each district. But these policies are currently being adopted in some schools. And no doubt, it will come to your school district soon. State and federal governments will eventually mandate these policies. Case in point, the Obama administration just sent a letter to every school district in the country ordering them to allow transgender access to bathrooms, citing the non-discrimination clause of Title IX (US Education Amendments of 1972). Though not federal law, the mandate implies the threat of lawsuit and the loss of federal funding if schools do not conform. And when public schools receive nearly 10% of their funding from the feds, you can be sure they will comply. 

But remember, this is not an isolated issue. The sexual chaos of the public schools is the fruit of a godless educational system. So don’t just look for another public school that seeks to resist LGBTQ legislation. Look for something better. Give your kids a Christian education