The NEA and Abortion

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest labor union in America (3.2 million members). This large and powerful organization of teachers is known to have a strong affiliation with the Democratic Party. Most disturbing here is the NEA's support of abortion.

A resolution from 2013-14 shows NEA support for “family planning,” which is a nice way of speaking about abortion:

I-17. Family Planning

The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities.

The Association also urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel. (1985, 1986)

The majority of American Christians send their children to public schools, yet most of them have no idea what the NEA is or what it stands for. This is the largest and most powerful teachers’ union in America. You can be certain that the NEA influences public schools and that the NEA’s views are held by many of its members. So ask yourself—are these the people you want teaching your kids?