Secede From the System—Homeschool

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We are seeing secession movements all over the world. Catalan wants to secede from Spain. California wants to secede from the United States. And it was not that long ago that there were successful secession movements in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Secession sounds radical to some today, but this is only because our modern rulers tell us that secession is “treasonous.” That’s what our history professors and textbooks say about the secession of the Southern States prior to what is known as the Civil War. The Confederate States committed “treason” by trying to leave, they tell us.  

How then did the former British colonies in America become “free and independent States”? Oh that’s right, the colonies seceded from Great Britain. The colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776. And when Britain refused to accept their independence, the colonies were forced to fight for their freedom. This parallels what the Southern States sought to do in 1861.

Secession is the American tradition.

Why should we support secession movements throughout the world? Because secession is about freedom. It is the decision of people who want local control and freedom from foreign rulers. Secession is about self-determination.

In our current political climate in America, secession would do us much good. The States have become severely weakened over the years at the hands of the Federal Government, and it is at the point now where bureaucrats in D.C. attempt to run every area of our lives. We don’t have much local control.

However, secession is unlikely at this point due to the States’ heavy dependence on federal money, along with the current popular opposition to secession movements. We first need to strengthen the States through a healthy return to federalism. Then and only then will secession become a viable option.

But that does not mean you are entirely powerless at this point. There are things that can be done to take back control. In the case of education, you can get out of the system.

Educational bureaucrats want to control your children. They want all kids to attend public schools, and they want the public schools to do what the bureaucrats say. They want all American kids to think the same way, namely to adopt the “progressive” agenda of America’s “elites.”

But you do not have to hand your children over to these madmen. You can secede from the system. That’s what homeschooling is about. It’s a personal secession movement.

You choose the curriculum that your children will study. You choose the teachers and the content. And you set the schedule. You—the parent—are in control.

That’s what makes homeschooling so great. It’s self-determination. It’s freedom. It’s the American way.